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Welcome to OptionsGain. We are a binary options research site created for binary options traders by binary options traders. In creating OptionsGain, we realized that there wasn’t one binary options site that offered all the information we needed to make money in the binary options market. They talked about binary options and what they are, but never offered any details on how to make money in the binary options market. We at OptionsGain are your one-stop source for trading binary options!

Step by Step Binary Options Trading

Binary options are driven by fundamental and technical data. We cover both! News and data drive the fundamentals. A binary options trader needs to know when news happens and how to trade it. The key to successful trading is being prepared. We tell you when news happens and we explain the market reaction and how to trade it.

The other driver of prices is the technicals, or the charts. The chart paints a picture of where the market has been and we try and help you forecast where the market is heading. The two basics in technicals are support and resistance. Understanding where those levels are will help make you a better, and hopefully, successful binary options trader.

In trading a wise saying is think like a fundamentalist and trade like a technician. When the fundamentals and technicals line up bullishly, one can only play from the long side and buy binary calls. Likewise when the fundamentals and technicals line up bearishly, play from the short side and buy binary puts.

Binary traders must follow the trends. Remember the trend is your friend! Identify whether the market is in a bull or bear trend and trade accordingly. Do not fight the trend! It is a losing battle in terms of mental and financial capital. A trend is a gift from the trading Gods. We’ll help you identify the prevailing trend and guide you to big profits!

News flow runs in cycles. You’ll notice with trading that once bad or good news hits, more is likely to follow. It is usually not a one-off event. This adds to our trend following strategy. Good news creates more buying and bad news creates more selling.

KISS Strategy For Binary Options Traders

Sounds simple huh? Well it is! We like to say at OptionsGain, Keep It Simple Stupid! Simplicity is elegant and beautiful. Complexity drives one crazy and leads one to abandon the markets. We are all about our P-N-L, profit and loss. You’ll find that the less stressed you are, the more profitable you’ll become. Use commonsense and you’ll be on your way to becoming one of our success stories in the binary options world!

Trade Options News And Promotions

Every day OptionsGain posts commentary of what is happening in the most active markets. We want to be your guide to profitable binary options trading and help break thru the clutter that happens in the financial markets. Too much data leads to information overload. We want to provide you with what you need to know, not useless information.

Another important aspect to binary options trading is promotions. Many brokers offers rebates and cash bonuses for trading. We help you identify the right brokers to trade with and optimize your cash rewards and bonuses. It’s free money and we love money, especially if it’s free!